The Alexander Group Internship Experience

By: Luke Shepter, Alexander Group Summer Intern
Luke Shepter Photo

Eight weeks ago, I walked into the Alexander Group excited yet nervous for my upcoming opportunity. I worried that I would be tasked with minor requests such as getting coffee or printing documents, which would not help me grow. In addition, I felt that I would be intimidated by seasoned consultants. To my surprise and relief, none of that was true.

I am currently a junior enrolled in The Carroll School of Management at Boston College, concentrating in finance and business analytics. This internship was especially appealing to me because it was an opportunity to become part of a consulting team and gain hands-on experience. I figured that I would be doing some Excel work, but nothing too extensive because I was coming in just for the summer. I was wrong; instead, the Stamford team coached me to work on important client facing documents. I was given the training and guidance I needed to complete certain tasks on my own, but when I became stuck at a crossroads, my colleagues were there to steer me in the right direction. That is such a refreshing aspect of the Alexander Group. I felt as if I could ask anyone in the office, from business analyst to vice president, for assistance and they would help without hesitation.

At the Alexander Group, I was a part of the consulting team; I was able to contribute to client solutions and witness an evolving business strategy. One of the first projects I worked on was for a Fortune 500 Company. This was an eye-opening experience because I was able to do meaningful work that contributed to AGI’s solution for the client. Our main focus with this project was realigning the client’s coverage model so they would be better poised for growth. Having hands on practice with software such as AlignStar and the consulting process as a whole was an invaluable experience. During the second week of my internship, AGI launched a new website which reflected their new business strategy. Previously, AGI primarily focused on sales. The new site reflects the direction of the company; a management consulting firm providing revenue growth opportunities for their clients. As AGI saw the market changing they changed as well, showing me that you cannot stay stagnant in such a fast-paced business world.

The summer I spent interning at the Alexander Group will not be forgotten. I had the opportunity to polish my PowerPoint and Excel skills, but was also introduced to new analyzing and data presenting abilities that I previously did not have. It was an honor to work alongside such a smart and entertaining group of people. The people of the Alexander Group really made this summer unforgettable, and I cannot stress that enough. I would like to thank everyone at AGI who made this internship possible, educational and enjoyable.

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