Wessex Press Publishing Co., September 2018
Authors: Noel Capon, Gary Tubridy, and Florin Mihoc
Price: $29.70 + shipping + handling


Are you looking to scale the business, transform your sales model or build new selling skills? The front-line sales manager is a fundamentally critical role that doesn’t receive the attention it deserves. Explore how a new way of thinking about FLSMs is helping sales leaders shift their organizations into higher seller performance and success. This is a new approach to sales management and a paradigm shift for the field.

One of the core elements of sales management not traditionally included in leading textbooks/courses for rising leaders is the differing managerial roles and levels of the sales management hierarchy. How do these differ from one another and what key influences do they have on seller success and effectiveness?

The dominant influencer is the front-line sales manager (FLSM)─who hires, fires, supervises, travels with (customer visits) and helps sellers.

The book explores multiple views and perspectives of cross-industry senior sales leaders and their most successful FLSMs, as well as clinical research both Professor Capon and Alexander Group conducted.

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