2021 Sales Pulse Survey Findings

Lessons from serving the 24/7 customer in the pandemic.

Alexander Group’s 2021 Sales Pulse Survey gained insights into how 104 companies are preparing for a post-COVID-19 world. This year’s participants revealed that the pandemic did indeed dampen growth in 2020, but it did not flatten it. Most see the pandemic conditions mitigating sometime this summer or fall and growth expectations in 2021 are back.

Participants agree that today’s customers expect products/services to help them manage and run their functions. They are smart, informed and expect results across the buying continuum. Participants say the top three things the 24×7 customer wants more of is help with value realization, evidence of results and ease of doing business.

This is influencing how companies are investing to serve the 24×7 customer in the coming year. 2021 will bring:

  1. Increases in sales headcount
  2. More customer focused marketing investment
  3. Targeted investment in post-sale success
  4. Continued investment in digital
  5. Innovative virtual coverage will live beyond 2021

The video below highlights these findings and how the pandemic experience has influenced the participants’ decision making.

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