Healthcare revenue leaders are still learning from the market disruption brought on by the pandemic and continue to look for ways to optimize their commercial models. One lesson they can all agree on is an agile commercial model is essential to drive growth in 2021 and to stay agile requires staying on top of market trends.

The Alexander Group’s 2021 Healthcare Commercial Trends Study is data-driven study that explores the latest benchmarks, industry insights and best practices as they relate to leading-edge trends, commercial roles, growth drivers, investment profiles and sales compensation.

Watch Doug Beveridge and Alex Tolmasoff discuss the benchmarking metrics (at 00:49) that will be included in all participants’ customized benchmarking report.

Participation is complimentary and confidential. You will receive a customized benchmarking comparison as part of the research findings along with an in-depth report of industry trends and developments.

Participate in the study today or contact us to learn more.

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