XaaS adoption in technology companies requires a new go-to-customer model that focuses on the entire customer journey, known as ILAER (Identify, Land, Adopt, Expand, Renew). While sales metrics for XaaS continues to evolve, companies regularly evaluate how to drive and measure new business, multiyear contracts, customer success, subscription and consumption. These dynamics all create a major impact on sales compensation and incentives.

Panelists at Alexander Group’s 4th Annual Go-to-Customer Symposium discussed how to design ILAER coverage models as well as XaaS trends and their downstream impact on sales incentives. Panelists included Julie Sokley from Autodesk, Ellen Miller from LinkedIn, Adam Carroll from New Relic and David Sakamoto from Cisco.

Listen to panelists in the two videos below as they focus on variables their companies are considering in terms of adoption and handling renewals and the impact on sales compensation plans.

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