The Revenue Growth Model™

Our blueprint for building successful sales organizations

At the heart of our work is the The Revenue Growth Model™, a proven methodology for driving revenue growth through more efficient and effective use of selling resources.

We emphasize three key areas:

  • Strategy. Assess potential sources of sales growth, define your revenue segments and identify the right mix of resources to tap into it.
  • Structure. Build the routes to market, jobs and processes, populated with the right talent, to execute your growth strategy and meet buyer needs.
  • Management. Once the strategy and structure are in place, measure, track and manage them for constant improvement.

These three components are driven by effective revenue-focused leadership, and supported by sales operations and technologies to enable and equip your sales organization for success.

Revenue Segments

  • What are our best revenue opportunities — defined by customers, products, channels?
  • Do we know revenue segment potential?
  • How much revenue can we capture?

Value Propositions

  • Do our messages differentiate us and define the benefit to our customers within each revenue segment?
  • Are our selling messages packaged and supported in a way that our salesforce can effectively deliver them?

Revenue Motions

  • Are we executing the right selling activities for each segment?
  • Is Marketing maximizing sales effectiveness and revenue growth?
  • Is Service leveraged to the fullest extent?

Channel Coverage

  • Are we employing the optimal use of direct, inside and channel routes to market?
  • Are sales investments focused on the right customers?

Organization & Job Design

  • Do we have the right sales roles?
  • Is each role clearly defined based on product, process and customer focus?
  • Is our sales management structure aligned to our needs?

Sizing & Deployment

  • Do we have the right sales force size?
  • Are deployment ratios for pre-sales, post-sales and specialists appropriate?
  • Is our manager span of control correct?
  • Are territories well-defined and balanced?

Talent, Skills & Supervision

  • Do we effectively attract and recruit talent?
  • Do our sales onboarding and training programs successfully ramp new hires?
  • Are our managers equipped to coach?
  • Do we manage out poor performers?

Productivity, Quotas & Metrics

  • Do we track the right metrics to manage sales productivity?
  • Do we have an effective quota system?
  • Do we have accurate and impactful reporting?

Performance Management & Rewards

  • Are we measuring and holding accountable the right selling behaviors?
  • Do we have aligned and effective rewards and sales compensation programs?

Revenue Enablement: Operations, Processes & Technology

  • Have we made the right investments in sales operations given our goals?
  • Is our sales operations function organized for success?
  • Do we effectively employ CRM and SPM?

The Revenue Growth Model will help you create a sales organization that is not easily copied by competitors. Your sales and support teams will be equipped to deliver value in a way that will differentiate your products and services, command a premium, and deliver profitable growth.

Who We Work With


Get a big picture view. You need to know how changes in strategy will impact revenue growth. The Revenue Growth Model creates alignment across functional groups, a shared language to describe goals, and a future-based revenue growth planning process.


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Sales Leaders

Make decisions with confidence. You need data-driven insights to back up your organizational planning. Be sure that you are making the resource allocation and enablement decisions that suit your unique revenue segment opportunities.


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Marketing & Service Leaders

There are no more silos. You need to take go-to-market strategies and convert them to go-to-customer tactics. The focused alignment of sales, marketing and service equates to unified efforts. Everybody wins!


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Human Resources

The reward is revenue growth. You need to take a proven approach to sales compensation and incentive design. Build a destination sales organization to attract more and better talent.


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