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Medical Device Company Implements Sales Playbooks for New Selling Model

Situation: Facing an increasingly complex selling environment, a medical device company commissioned a global initiative to develop a new enterprise account selling model. An effective change management approach was critical to ensure a successful implementation. Not only was the sales process complex, but the rules of engagement among the various roles were unclear.

Challenge: Sales leaders successfully designed a new program, which included optimizing the collaboration of numerous roles in the most crucial parts of the enterprise account selling cycle. Now they sought to effectively implement, support and advance the new model. A key component of which was a vehicle to communicate the new sales model that sales reps could use both during the initial transition and ongoing to improve sales force effectiveness.

Solution: Alexander Group worked closely with key stakeholders on the Client’s design team to gather all the relevant information and materials needed to develop two sales execution playbooks, comprehensive documents highlighting the key roles, engagement and responsibilities across the sales process. Our collaborative efforts ensured that the playbooks would be a valuable tool for the sales force and would increase the likelihood of adoption. During the initial phase, the playbooks were rolled out to 10 countries implementing the new enterprise selling coverage model.

Benefit: The playbooks provided immediate, global consistency to the new selling model. In the first two years of the new selling model, enterprise contract wins beat expectations by +20%.

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