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Sales and Commercial Operations leaders know that running the growth engine is harder than ever because the customer journey has changed in four fundamental ways.


Alexander Group’s Operations Forum explores how this journey ramps up complexity, unpredictability and risk. Data, digital solutions and artificial intelligence are upending the way you engage with customers and enable your organization. Go-to-customer models must adapt to this environment with increasing speed. The lines separating marketing, sales and service continue to blur.

The key to success? Operations leaders need to embrace the The Four Growth Multipliers


Make teamwork across customer touching functions the new norm.


Build a digital backbone.


Recognize that talent is the key to differentiation in a service economy.


Choose wisely. The right, harmonized tools enable greatness.

Creative Applications

By applying all four Growth Multipliers, revenue executives can turn the buyer journey into a pathway to growth. Join the exploration at Alexander Group’s 2019 Operations Forum: our exciting lineup of cross-industry senior Operations Practitioners will offer insight into these challenges, working solutions and more!


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