Senior executives:

Digital Transformation: Sales Imperatives for the Digital Revolution
Alexander Group’s latest research with hundreds of organizations, as well as the insights from our recent roundtables, indicates that the current Digital Revolution is permanently changing the sales function at many American companies. Firms that adapt to this new reality will increase share in their segment and thrive…while firms that don’t, will fade away.

Are you ready for this challenge?

Powerful changes stemming from the Digital Revolution…and the resulting sales imperatives that are emerging as a result:

  1. The binary concept of the sales “close” is outdated…Sales must create in pre- and post-sales value
  2. Prospects are self-educating at an accelerating rate…Sales must engage earlier in the buyer journey
  3. Sellers now need to treat prospects like customers…Prospects want to sample more. Sales must deliver value well before revenue.
  4. Sellers now need to treat customers like prospects…As customers’ switching costs fall, Sales must continuously add new value to retain revenue.
  5. Customers want self-service wherever possible…Sales must migrate customers to self-serve before disruptive competitors, while protecting experience and margins.
  6. Customers want to integrate solutions across vendors…Sales must continually enhance its digitally integrated partner ecosystem.
  7. Customer data is as valuable as customer revenue…Sales must optimize solutions based on customer data, for each customers.
  8. Customers want a digital concierge and orchestrator…Sales must deploy and coordinate new roles to facilitate new/regular value-adding interactions.

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