Media Advisory Council

Designed for senior media sales executives across broadcast, ad tech, print and pure play digital

The MAC provides an outlet to discuss contemporary issues and key imperatives facing the media landscape. MAC events are an exclusive think tank and are held multiple times throughout the year in cities convenient to media sales firms.

Upcoming MACs

Mastering the Art of Customer Experience: Unveiling a New Era of Excellence

November 14, 2023 | 11:00 am-12:00 pm ET | Virtual

Discover the secrets to delivering exceptional customer experience (CX) across every stage of the customer journey from prepurchase to postpurchase interactions.

Engage with media and consumer technology leaders to finetune your customer strategy, prioritize key initiatives and make informed CX investments.

Backed by Alexander Group’s latest Customer Experience Research, this interactive discussion will cover essential topics to achieve industry leading CX, including:

  • Establishing organization wide CX governance and vision
  • Enhancing operational capabilities to deliver quality CX
  • Understanding evolving customer needs
  • Linking customer experience to both customer and vendor ROI

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