Job ambiguity is the biggest cause of poor sales results. Take the time to design and define the organization with clear sales roles, accountability and reporting relationships. Then, properly enable your carefully focused talent to be successful.


Define the roles. What types of sellers, with what skills, will work best to execute your strategy and get results? Which customers will sellers call on? Which products will they sell? What process should they follow when selling?

Structure the organization. How will the sales force be organized? What are the reporting relationships and accountability? How will sellers be measured?

Empower with programs, tools and support resources. How can you enable sellers to maximize time on the highest value sales activities? What resources, tools and information do they need to maximize their productivity?

By applying our experience and sales benchmarking data to help you answer these questions−whether to transform your existing sales force in the face of change or expand into a new market—the Alexander Group can ensure that your organization and your sellers are structured for maximum success and revenue growth.

Is your company ready for an organizational review? Contact Alexander Group’s Organization and Job Design practice experts.

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Industry: Cross-Industry

Role: C-Suite, Sales and Marketing Leadership

Topic: Job Design, Strategy, Talent

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