The challenge of solution selling isn’t going away. In fact, media sales organizations that are able to effectively solution sell and are solution-invested typically see revenue growth rates up to 35% higher than those that do not. Having the ability to balance both a transactional sale and a solution sale can be problematic for media sales firms as they move forward into 2020 and beyond. Additionally, human capital management programs must change as the media ecosystem continues to evolve. This evolution has a direct impact on sales compensation programs, management programs and the different practices used to motivate, attract and retain top talent. Developing contemporary strategies that align with the new realities of the go-to-customer model are essential to establishing a competitive edge.

During the recent Media Sales Comp Symposium, Alexander Group asked media sales executives to discuss their viewpoints on the major changes within the industry and how they relate to sales compensation practices. Hear their insights on the challenges facing the media sales ecosystem.

Craig Kostelic, Chief Business Officer, US Advertising Revenue
Condé Nast

Jonathan Deneau, Managing Director, Revenue Management and Commercial Operations
The Globe and Mail

For more information on how your media sales organization can successfully adapt to the new ecosystem, register for a complimentary briefing on best practices discussed during the Media Sales Comp Symposium. Topics include winning the battle of programmatic, using sales compensation to attract and retain talent, driving solution sales, teaming and establishing pre- and post-sales.

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