A proven methodology for more effective use of marketing, sales and service resources

Alexander Group’s Revenue Growth Model™ will help you create a revenue generating organization that is not easily copied by competitors. Your sales, marketing and support teams will be equipped to deliver value in a way that will differentiate your products and services, command a premium and deliver profitable growth.

Grow Your Revenue


The Revenue Growth Model™ addresses the critical levers of revenue growth:

  • Strategy. Assess potential sources of growth, define your revenue segments and identify the right mix of resources to tap into it
  • Structure. Build the routes to market, jobs and processes, populated with the right talent, to execute your growth strategy and meet buyer needs
  • Management. Once the strategy and structure are in place, measure, track and manage for constant improvement

The nine levers of revenue growth are driven by revenue-focused leadership and supported by operations and technologies to enable and equip your organization for success.

Revenue Growth Model™
Revenue Leadership
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Top line revenue growth. It’s what every healthy business wants.

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