Align Sales Compensation, Fuel Revenue Growth

The right incentive plan: a key driver to executing your strategy and realizing results

When you correctly align sales personnel pay with company objectives, you get a win-win outcome for both sellers and the company. 

The Alexander Group provides a structured, analytical approach to developing and managing sales compensation plans that help you:

Align with the organization’s goals. Effective sales compensation plans communicate goals primarily through the selection of performance measures aligned with business objectives.

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Motivate salespeople. Sales compensation plans motivate salespeople by providing rewards for performance. Plans are designed to maximize performance.

Direct salespeople to the appropriate activities. Weighting a job’s performance measures in accordance with its importance in supporting the business objectives directs salespeople to prioritize their time appropriately.

Manage the sales force. While no substitute for management, sales compensation plans can serve as an alternative for constant management supervision of activities where supervision is not critical.

Survey Report: Participating companies contributed their perspectives on the demand for new sellers, use of stock, pay practices of specialty customer contact jobs, ASC 606 and first-line sales manager pay programs. See the results >>

Support team efforts. When appropriate, effective sales compensation plans ensure that team efforts are appropriately rewarded and receive a level of focus that aligns multiple seller efforts with the company’s business objectives.

Recognize superior performers. Effective sales compensation plans enable recognition of high performers. Recognition of high performers effectively reinforces successful sales efforts.

Alexander Group can help your company strategically align sales compensation, assess your current compensation program and provide global sales compensation design solutions and support programs – including compensation program management for large sales organizations.

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