Proven Approach. Flexible Scope.

Recommendations that pinpoint the right solutions to drive revenue growth

Whether we are looking at a single objective like sales compensation needs, or a transformation that considers the entire Revenue Growth Model™, every Alexander Group consulting engagement follows the same phased approach – Assess, Design and Implement.

Assess your organization, Design your plan, Implement your solution to drive revenue growth.ASSESSMENT provides clear visibility into organizational improvement opportunities to inform the creation of revenue growth models. We use tested tools, frameworks and analytics to evaluate the alignment of the sales force with organizational strategy and the effectiveness of the current sales force against attainment of organizational goals. This results in a set of prioritized high-level recommendations for change and expected results.

Based on assessment findings, we DESIGN future-state solutions to the highest priority issues. Every solution is tailored to your unique go-to-customer needs and ability to implement. Our proven design for every aspect of your sales force, from coverage to sales compensation will provide you with the models you need to realize your revenue growth goals.

To ensure successful roll-out and adoption, every new solution needs IMPLEMENTATION and ongoing support. We minimize distraction from delivering near-term results with proven implementation and change adoption techniques, tools such as sales playbooks to enable and equip your sales organization, and the ability to measure, track and share results.

The scope of a consulting engagement is completely dependent on your organizational needs and objectives, and can be categorized as follows:

Transform: Transformation projects are large-scale engagements to reinvent sales organizations. In these engagements, we will address all aspects of your Revenue Growth Model™.

Operate: These engagements address the practical aspects that keep your sales engine firing on all cylinders. We help you determine what you need to do today to win right now.

Tune: Once your Revenue Growth Model is in place, you may require slight realignments to meet new requirements. Sometimes a tune-up is all that is needed to keep you on the path to revenue growth.

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