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Title: Buyers Weigh in on Health Insurance Priorities for 2021

With the new work-from-home environment, discover what programs your buyers need as they make their benefit selections for 2021


Title: Pitfalls of Planning

Sales compensation and commercial operations leaders shared their best practices for 2021; the pitfalls of planning and what mistakes to avoid.


Title: Energizing for Growth

Key Topics:

  • Focusing on 2021 sales coverage and compensation changes now
  • Taking advantage of strong retention to focus resources on new sales
  • Increasing sales focus on non-medical specialty and ancillary products
  • Evaluating traditional sales, service, and support roles to strengthen go-to-market model
  • Rebooting broker relationships for 2nd half of 2020
  • Re-thinking value propositions and enabling sellers with the right messaging
  • Doubling down on segments/markets with weak competition to drive higher penetration
  • Aligning comp guarantees to growth goals
  • Redesigning compensation governance


Topic: Using Sales Compensation to Restart Growth

Health Insurance leaders discussed:

  • Defining short term sales strategy
  • Refocusing customer engagement activities
  • Redirecting resources by segment
  • Redefining sales roles and processes
  • Leveraging roadmaps to drive teamwork
  • Determining comp/quota relief strategy
  • Using comp MBOs to drive customer engagement activities


Topic: Sales Leadership Actions In Response to COVID-19

Health Insurance leaders discussed how to manage the challenge of COVID-19 without losing readiness to respond when the market changes.

Topics discussed were:

  • Findings from AGI’s Sales Leadership Flash Survey
  • Leadership mandates in times of severe market disruption
  • Dealing with a new world of virtual selling
  • Tactics for real-time/today’s issues (e.g., quotas, territories, comp)
  • Recession proofing your sales organization


Topic: Refining Sales Models and Roles for Growth 

Key discussion points included:

  • Launching new roles
  • Redeploying resources
  • Targeting select brokers and agents


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