More than 120 sales departments participated in the 18th annual 2020 Sales Compensation Trends Survey©. Participants provided data in November and December 2019 on what occurred in 2019 and what they plan for 2020.

The overall observation is that sales departments increased sales volume 5% in 2019. This was less than the estimated growth of 6% projected at the end of December 2018 for 2019 performance. Meanwhile, sales leaders expect sales revenue to grow 6% in 2020. 2% was the median increase in incentive payments to sales personnel in 2019, less than the planned 3% increase anticipated at the beginning of the year. 3% is the projected increase in incentive payments for 2020.

Featuring more than 100 pages of exclusive sales compensation data collected from participants, the Sales Compensation Trends Survey© Participant Report is full of informative charts and insightful observations.

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