Business Services

Go-to-Market Trends and Mandates

As Business models become complex, putting pressure on organizations.

With the acceleration of technology and digital platforms, new competitors, new offerings, acquisitions and the switch to subscription revenue models, business services is in a state of disruption. How do you determine the best approach to develop a successful go-to-market strategy?

In the following video, Mike Burnett and Dave Eddleman introduce the prevalent go-to-market trends happening within the business services space. Specifically, at 2:56, Dave describes the five mandates facing the industry.

This video is an introduction to a three-part series that will take a deeper dive into the major challenges, strategies and best practices within business services. Topics will include total addressable market, trends in sales coverage and realignment of sales compensation.

For more information on the go-to-market trends and mandates for business services, please contact an Alexander Group practice lead.

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