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Selling in the Virtual World - Part 1

Executive Interview with Andy Stearns, Head of Commercial Card Acquisitions, Capital One

We can all agree that the pandemic has transformed the playing field for sellers and the way they interact with their clients. This change has presented many opportunities for innovation and in turn modified performance measures and incentive structures.

In the following video, Dave Eddleman, principal at Alexander Group, interviews Head of Commercial Card Acquisitions at Capital One Andy Stearns about the benefits and challenges of selling in the virtual environment.

As the world was adapting to the new normal, Stearns mentions how at Capital One they ceased in-person sales efforts in the early days. But the company had to quickly prepare for more permanent changes to their sales process, requiring consistent communication both internally and externally.

Stearns goes on to say that today both sellers and customers seem to prefer transacting in a virtual environment. He emphasizes that while some effectiveness of in-person selling may have been lost, there have been more advantages in today’s selling model, given the broader reach for a salesperson and saving time.

Stearns is working with his team to embrace those elements of virtual that are likely to remain. The industry must adapt to serve its customers the right way, at the right time and with the right message.

For more insights from this conversation, tune in to Part 2 of the interview as Dave and Andy continue to explore the lead generation and implementation aspects of virtual selling.

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