Case Study

Full Sales Transformation Design & Implementation for Distributor

A Fortune 1000 education products distributor lacked a buyer segmentation model, covered the market with a monolithic go-to-market model, and lacked a consistent sales process. Sales data revealed sub-optimal sales force productivity and ROI for the company.

The distributor needed a more effective and efficient go-to-customer model to expand their coverage and to increase productivity. This new model would segment buyers based on needs and potential size.

Alexander Group helped the distributor build a segmentation model that aligned optimal sales coverage to buyer needs and preferences. Alexander Group led the co-creation of an inside sales team to increase frequency of coverage for a particular segment at an agreeable cost to serve. The model would be supported by a new territory model for the distributor, which optimized territories to balance market opportunity, workload and investment alignment. Rules of engagement were set with clear rules to govern interactions between new and existing sales roles. AGI also helped create the organizational structure, execution playbooks and sales compensation program for the inside sales team.

Through implementation of the new go-to-customer model and territory design, the distributor expanded coverage of market by ~15% while keeping sales investments constant. The company showed early signs that the new go-to-customer model has resulted in sizable revenue gains.

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