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Moving Past the Pandemic and into Hyper-Growth

Alexander Group Media Study

The media landscape is quickly evolving through continuous technological and marketing innovations. Alexander Group’s Media Sales Industry Trends Research captures insights from hundreds of executives across media segments including pure-play digital, broadcast, print, radio, out-of-home, ad tech and more to keep our community well-informed on what leading organizations are doing to thrive in today’s environment.

As media sales organizations take on the challenges caused by the pandemic and shift into a hyper-growth mode, it’s critical to think about repositioning your revenue growth strategies to navigate this new trajectory.

In this Media Sales: Confidential podcast episode, Igor Uroic and Quang Do, leaders of Alexander Group’s Media practice, share findings from the research and explore the five key mandates that high performing media firms are leading with to drive revenue growth in 2022:

  1. Capturing the voice of the advertiser and agency (VO2A)
  2. Data-driven opportunity planning
  3. Deploying revenue-accretive account management and overlay roles
  4. Rethinking sales compensation to balance teaming versus performance
  5. Professionalizing Revenue Operations

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