Revenue Growth Begins With Strategy

Positioning your company for revenue growth demands a high level of organizational readiness—and at times requires an in-depth look at every facet of the sales organization. But the payoff is worth the effort: 10-20 percent revenue gains when revenue growth strategies are successfully implemented.


At Alexander Group (AGI), we work with you to determine the best sources for revenue growth, how to target and reach your goals and the most effective ways to sell. The result is a revenue growth strategy tailored to your market opportunity and your organization’s phase of growth—backed by structure and management recommendations to put the strategy in motion.

AGI can help to create:

  • Revenue Segments and Forecast: What customer segments represent the greatest opportunity for growth? What customer problems do you address better than competitors in each segment? How do you define and prioritize them? What is the revenue forecast for those opportunity segments?
  • Segment Messages: What are the points of differentiation for your product or service? What messages are resonating with your sales channels and target customers? How do you best deliver those messages?
  • Revenue Motions: Based on your opportunity segments and points of differentiation, what combination of sales motions will help you reach your goals?

By answering these questions together, AGI works with you to formulate a revenue growth strategy to target and reach customers, define the best routes to market and create preferred sales coverage and management models to deliver the best results.

All these factors are interdependent—even small changes can have profound effects. Working with your senior leadership and cross-functional teams, AGI delivers recommendations based on an in-depth understanding of the company and applies its proven methodology and proprietary sales analytics data to quantify results.

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