Can you handle SUCCESS? With business growth comes great things—larger market share, increased revenue, happy shareholders.

However, sustaining revenue growth is seldom easy. Sales departments must quickly and seamlessly change sales strategies and tactics to grow sales. Unfortunately, sales departments are often ill-equipped to make the right changes at the right time.

Sales-Growth-Imperative-Book-Jacket-At long last, a solution to this common problem is at hand. It’s called the Sales Growth Model™. Created by David Cichelli and his team at the Alexander Group, the Sales Growth Model explains how to keep sales results improving during all phases of market maturity. In this book, Cichelli uses his game-changing approach to help you anticipate impending challenges and take the right action, enabling the growth to continue—and the sales department to flourish. He shows you the four stages of business growth and illustrates the challenges of each one: Stage 1: Start-Up; Stage 2: Volume Growth; Stage 3: Re-Evaluation; and Stage 4: Optimization.

Don’t let growth become an obstacle to success. The Sales Growth Model is the only way to ensure smooth sailing through the surprisingly troubled waters of success.

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Insight type: Book

Industry: Cross-Industry

Role: C-Suite, Sales and Marketing Leadership

Topic: Revenue Growth, Strategy

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