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Alexander Group understands your revenue growth challenges. Aligning product, marketing, operations and finance efforts behind a successful sales organization takes insight and hard work. We help the world’s leading organizations build the right revenue vision, transform their organizations and deliver results.

We roll up our sleeves to work alongside your team, whether fine-tuning your sales force or radically overhauling your entire go-to-customer model. Our focus on results ensures that you get the value you expect.

Alexander Group, Inc.

Revenue Growth Strategy

Alexander Group works with you to determine the best sources for revenue growth, how to target and reach your goals and the most effective ways to sell.

The result is a revenue growth strategy tailored to your market opportunity and your organization’s phase of growth—backed by structure and management recommendations to put the strategy in motion. Target the right opportunities with the right value.
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  • Revenue Growth Model Blueprint
    Unlock your company’s full potential.
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Alexander Group, inc.

Digital Transformation

Are you ready for digital success?

Consistent customer engagement and effective commercial team enablement are key success factors in a profitable digital revenue organization and are built on three foundational elements: Data, Process, and Systems and Tools. Learn how the digital era affects each phase of the Revenue Growth Model™.
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Alexander Group, Inc.


Align sales resources with your market opportunities.
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  • Channel Sales
    Get a channel and partner strategy to impact revenue growth.
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  • Inside Sales
    Increase productivity and reduce costs with inside sales.
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Marketing Blueprint & Design

Through current state analysis, customer research, and opportunity modeling, optimize and scale your marketing capabilities, organization and resources to effectively plan and execute desired marketing motions.

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Sizing and Territory Design

Companies need to design territories for peak productivity and to effectively manage the cost of sales. Poorly designed territories limit revenue generation and increase cost of sales–at the same time.

Maximize growth through account penetration and conversion.
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Alexander Group, Inc

Sales Compensation

Alexander Group has helped thousands of clients, including worldwide sales organizations, realize the full benefits of effective sales compensation programs to attract, retain and reward best-in-class sales talent to profitably grow the business.

Our expert leaders assess, align, design and implement powerful sale compensation programs. We can help with all elements of your sales compensation program, including market practices and benchmarks.
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  • Compensation Program Management
    Sales compensation programs are mission-critical.
    Reduce complexity with a well-managed pay program.
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Alexander Group, INC

Sales Quotas

Revenue leaders should strive to consistently achieve balanced quota attainment across geographic regions and job roles. Great quota programs produce these types of results.

Set and allocate the number based on historical and potential sales.
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Alexander Group, Inc.

Revenue and Commercial Operations

Today, growth companies are focused on an evolution of Sales Operations into the emerging field of Revenue Operations, which is replacing the traditional sales operations function and taking on broader responsibilities that impact business growth and scalability.

Revenue Operations is successful at growing revenue because it aligns marketing, sales and service while providing strategic, customer-focused insights. This approach is critical for growth-minded firms in the coming years.
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  • Sales Operations
    Rise above tactical challenges to tackle the bigger charter of sales ROI.
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Alexander Group, Inc.

Commercial Analytics

Commercial analytics has become the cornerstone of sales and revenue strategy and operations. The value proposition now expands beyond sales analytics, as companies use commercial analytics to better understand their industries and what drives value across the revenue organization – marketing, sales and service.
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  • Sales Benchmarking Methodology
    What, why and how to measure sales benchmarking.
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  • Benchmarking Assessments
    Align sales resources with your revenue growth strategy.
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Alexander Group, Inc.

Implementation and Change Adoption

Whether you’re undertaking a full-scale sales force transformation or fine-tuning a specific program, your plan is only as good as how well it is implemented.

Ensure your strategy gets implemented with Alexander Group.
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  • Sales Playbooks
    Execute your sales vision and drive adoption of new programs.
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Alexander Group, Inc.

Organization and Job Design

Take the time to design and define the organization with clear sales roles, accountability and reporting relationships. Then, properly enable your carefully focused talent to be successful.

Enable both focus and collaboration to maximize effectiveness.
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Enduring Leadership

Get the answers and take away actionable insights you can leverage at your organization at Alexander Group’s 2022 Forum Series.

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