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Cross-industry network of EMEA-based leaders in sales, human resources, revenue operations and compensation.

Gain exclusive access to the latest ideas, insights and research to create high-performing sales compensation programmes that improve sales results.

For more information on Alexander Group’s EMEA Sales Compensation Community, please contact a practice lead.

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    Connect and network with leaders who share similar challenges and gain exclusive access to the latest ideas, insights and models needed to create high-performing sales compensation programmes. There is no charge to attend and participate.

    EMEA Sales Compensation: Trends, Roles, Metrics and More

    For those unable to attend the Sales Compensation Summit 2024, hosted by E-reward on 11-12 June, this virtual event will provide highlights from the sessions presented by Alexander Group practitioners. This event will include the latest research and trends in sales compensation and will allow you to gather intelligence on sales compensation developments, sharing experiences, challenges and solutions.

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    EMEA Sales Compensation Practices Virtual Roundtable

    With the impact of generative AI on commercial roles, managing hybrid work environments, and targeting the right new hires, what are the sales compensation foundational elements that will help your organisation jump start profitable revenue growth in 2024?

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    Sales Compensation Trends
    Insights on current trends impacting sales compensation including current observations
    on market disruptions, pay compression, cross-border administration and local vs.
    central designs.

    Sales Compensation Hot Topics
    Sales compensation mid-year review including topics on plan design, total compensation
    management, sales crediting, contests and spiffs.