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Cross-industry network of EMEA-based leaders in sales, human resources, revenue operations and compensation.

Gain exclusive access to the latest ideas, insights and research to create high-performing sales compensation programmes that improve sales results.

For more information on Alexander Group’s EMEA Sales Compensation Community, please contact a practice lead.

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Connect and network with leaders who share similar challenges and gain exclusive access to the latest ideas, insights and models needed to create high-performing sales compensation programmes. There is no charge to attend and participate.

London Sales Compensation Networking Event
Join like-minded sales compensation leaders for an exclusive networking reception.

7 November 2023
Smith’s Bar & Grill | 25 Sheldon Square | 17:30-19:30

Contact Dan Camera, for details!

Annual Surveys

Participants receive a complimentary briefing on survey findings.

Sales Compensation Trends
Insights on current trends impacting sales compensation including current observations
on market disruptions, pay compression, cross-border administration and local vs.
central designs.

Sales Compensation Hot Topics
Sales compensation mid-year review including topics on plan design, total compensation
management, sales crediting, contests and spiffs.