In order to provide real benefit to clients, a good consultant needs to be more than just an expert. They need to be capable of building solutions that clients are excited to implement. At Alexander Group we’re always ready to take the lead role in every stage of an engagement, but there are three points in every project where we know client input and enthusiasm are essential.

1. Up Front – you can’t spend too much time clarifying issues and defining objectives. Clients need to know that the focus is precisely on their issues and that the project deliverables will meet their needs.

2. Discovery – there is much benefit in engaging clients in building conclusions from data analysis and field observations. It’s an opportunity to share what you are learning, and often presents a new point of view for consideration.

3. Solution Design – clients understand the art of the possible in their organizations. It’s best to examine benefits and risks associated with multiple solution alternatives and work collaboratively with clients to determine which option fits best.

By ensuring clients have opportunities to provide input at these three points, we provide maximum client benefit on all our engagements – which equal more successful outcomes for everyone.

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