Revenue is more than just sales.

It means building awareness before the sale, influencing results-oriented decision-makers and delivering success after the sale. Simply put, revenue leaders have new responsibilities and require a new leadership model.

Growth multipliers are the foundation of that new model. Alexander Group’s 2019 Leadership Series provides the opportunity to better understand these foundational elements and take advantage of them. This year’s calendar includes:

  • Operations Forum
  • Executive Forum
  • Summits
  • Advisory Councils
  • Virtual Roundtables
  • Industry Dinners

In the following video, I share highlights of the four growth multipliers that will be covered in-depth throughout the year.

Don’t miss our capstone events. Join 400+ executive peers at the Operations Forum June 4-5 and the Executive Forum November 13-15.

Need help in building the business case to attend the Leadership Forums? Contact our senior director and Forum lead—Betty Corrado.
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