Manufacturers: Emerging Trends in Lead Generation

With the evolution of the buyer journey, customers now require 24/7 engagement.

A key element of this engagement is the integration of sales and marketing to drive effective lead generation. Prospecting efforts have grown more sophisticated with data and technology. Buyers conduct their own online research and use social media to find, evaluate and purchase products and services. Are manufacturers developing the right processes, support roles and messaging to effectively reach customers through multiple touchpoints?

Alexander Group’s Manufacturing practice recently held a virtual roundtable with senior executives. The interactive session provided a platform for leaders to discuss the emerging trends within lead generation including:

  • The move towards generalized roles to drive scale with specialization as needed on specific customer or product requirements
  • The use of technology and data science to drive lead volumes
  • Optimizing touchpoint sequences by coordinating frequency, messaging and a mixed media approach
  • Aligning sales and marketing coverage models and growth targets with investments

The following video provides an overview of the virtual roundtable session. At 7:00, Kyle discusses how highly effective manufacturers are moving away from the traditional campaign execution of pursuing a target list through email and phone to a more sophisticated model that includes new activities and social selling such as customer usage data, website tracking and propensity modeling.

For a complimentary briefing on how your manufacturing firm can take advantage of emerging trends in lead generation, please contact a manufacturing practice leader.

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