Media Sales Research

New Opportunities for Growth

Media sales has been forced to accelerate changes to meet new customer demands.

Client expectations are high, requiring sellers to act in a consultative manner‒acquiring a deeper understanding of advertisers’ business, providing direction on products and offerings and reporting real-time data and insights to show a positive ROI.

Given all the factors that are pushing for a more robust sales organization, how can media sales leaders take on the new revenue mandates for growth in 2021 and beyond?

As part of our ongoing research, Alexander Group is pleased to announce that our latest study is now open for participation! The Media Sales Industry Trends: Strategies | Insights | Metrics research will focus on how media sales executives can maximize new opportunities for growth. With special focus on pure play digital, broadcast, print and radio, the research will provide the latest industry insights, benchmarks and best practices as they relate to leading-edge trends, commercial roles, growth drivers, investment profiles and sales compensation. Participation is complimentary and all information is shared only in aggregate.

Research Themes

The following revenue leader mandates for 2021 will be addressed in the research.

Capture the Voice of the Advertiser and Agency
Cultivate a better understanding of advertisers’ perceptions, and tailor your coverage model appropriately to increase customer lifetime value and advertiser loyalty

Place Your Bets Across the Product and Customer Chessboards
Match the product and offering types to the right customer to grow revenue by allocating resources to maximize return

Deploy the Right Account Management and Overlay Roles
Selectively deploy the right account management and overlay roles to the right customer segments to increase productivity, reduce churn and increase customer satisfaction

Align Sales Compensation to Growth Strategy
Design a best practice sales compensation program that takes into account the segment and P&L specific needs, while balancing and encouraging the sales organization’s true north

Professionalize Revenue Operations
Elevate revenue operations as a key owner of sales strategy, in addition to operational execution and enablement, to more effectively unlock growth

In addition to the mandates, the Media Sales Industry Trends research will include the following sales benchmarks:

Revenue and Cost

  • Revenue/seller, quota/seller
  • Revenue growth rate
  • % revenue from new customers/products
  • Sales expense/revenue $
  • Sales expense/seller
  • Sales compensation cost of sales

Roles and Coverage

  • Span of control
  • Field to inside ratio
  • Support roles (pre-sales, specialists, revenue operations, etc.)
  • Seller turnover %
  • % sellers at/above quota

Sales Compensation

  • Base pay
  • Variable pay
  • Total compensation
  • Pay mix

Additional Alexander Group benchmark offerings are available.

Participant Inputs

Participation in the Media Sales Industry Trends research is a two-step process. All parties will complete a mutual NDA prior to partaking in the study.

Step 1: Executive Interviews
Alexander Group will schedule and conduct one or two short interviews with your media firm’s revenue leaders. The interviews will include questions pertaining to the research themes to capture their insights on the topics.

Step 2: Data Collection
Working with your finance team, Alexander Group will provide a form to collect your company data, including headcount, revenue and costs. All data is confidential. Alexander Group is ISO 27001 Certified to ensure protection of all data.

Research Takeaways

Once the executive interviews and data collections are complete, Alexander Group will analyze all participant inputs. We compare your firm to industry peers and our benchmark database. We will then schedule a briefing to review the results with you and other members of your executive team. We will present the qualitative trends and metrics derived from the research and provide you with a customized comparison report.

Next Steps

Participation is open! Interested organizations can sign up for the Media Sales Industry Trends research simply by completing the online form. An Alexander Group media sales practice lead will then be in contact with you to discuss details, timing and scheduling. Get started today!

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