The rapid evolution of technology has created a host of issues for media sales organizations. No longer do old business models apply. Consumers are connected to more content and have more consumption options than ever before. Advertisers require creative ways to reach their audience–and they expect performance. To adapt to this new environment, media companies must take the following actions to appropriately manage the transformation into a modern sales organization.

  1. Establish sales transformation team
    The process of reorganization is a major undertaking. It is crucial to establish a sales transformation team with clear roles and responsibilities who can embrace and advocate change.
  2. Communicate vision and guiding principles
    Assess the current state and develop a picture of the future structure of the organization and how it aligns with your strategy and objectives.
  3. Draft a detailed project plan
    Every journey requires a roadmap. Catalog the steps, tasks, timeline and the stakeholders to help accomplish the transformation.
  4. Create feedback loops
    Successful implementation will have a learning curve. Bring in the stakeholders who can provide objective feedback and collaborate to improve the implementation process.
  5. Define KPIs
    What does the picture of success look like? Create performance indicators that are specific and drive intended outcomes.
  6. Assess readiness
    The business cycle is never constant and transformation can cause disruption. Evaluate the state of the organization to ensure it can handle the change.
  7. Create a roadmap for potential changes
    Design a playbook to put changes into practice. Cover all the bases to ensure everyone involved is aware of their role.
  8. Develop messaging and cadence
    It is critical to communicate the changes effectively both within and outside of the organization to maintain morale and instill confidence in the brand.

How the Alexander Group Can Help

Meeting customer needs and growing revenue is a significant challenge in the media industry. The proliferation of digital options and changes to customer buying preferences means ad sales teams need to adapt. If you need guidance transforming your sales organizations, please contact the Alexander Group media team.

Learn more about the Alexander Group’s Media practice.


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