Your full-scale digital transformation is underway. Don’t forget this important action: aligning management systems.


A full-scale digital transformation fundamentally alters how an organization interfaces with their customers. After determining the foundational schematics and setting them in motion, important questions emerge. Who do we hire to fill new roles? How do we best leverage technology and data to manage these roles? And how should we compensate them? Part IV of the series examines the fourth critical action in Digitizing the Revenue Growth Model™, aligning management systems.

New Tools. New Roles. New Training.

Digital tools warrant the need for new talent profiles and competency models. The ideal candidate is a digital native; they are adept at using technology in their everyday lives and eager to adopt emerging modalities. Be sure to align training with digital imperatives. Training delivered in a hybrid format, (utilizing both digital and traditional methods), gives talent familiarity with new tools and guidance on how to interact with customers according to the organization’s digital engagement framework. Front-line managers must lead by example to reinforce the use of technology in day-to-day functions.

The proliferation of data creates a new suite of metrics to direct, monitor and manage the revenue organization. With the added investment in digital transformation comes an expectation of increased yield. Be sure to properly align productivity metrics to encourage goal attainment; otherwise, management may not support future digital investments.

…And New Roles To Compensate

Data-driven metrics have altered legacy eligibility paradigms; companies are now able to offer incentive compensation to marketing and customer success roles. Considering managers can track ROI, what modifications to the sales comp plans should follow suit? For example, there are many things to consider when determining the appropriate pay mix. In the Digitizing the Revenue Growth Model™ whitepaper, we explore best practices for those struggling to define performance metrics and pay mix for a myriad of digital roles.

Aligning management systems is essential for hiring and properly onboarding the best talent, encouraging compliance through front-line manager opt-in, utilizing data to set performance metrics and compensating roles appropriately for their contributions to sales.

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