Technology has made the world a more educated place.


However, the same advances that have empowered so many have also complicated the sales process. A myriad of digital tools have enabled consumers to solve complex issues faster and more independently. But what does digital transformation mean for your revenue growth organization?

Four critical actions are necessary for success:

  • Understand the buyer journey
  • Plan revenue motions
  • Adapt the structure
  • Align management systems

Part one of this four-part series will take a deeper look into the first critical action.

The buyer journey is no longer linear. Technology provides consumers access to digital engagement tools to influence their buying decisions. Ultimately, vendor selection is influenced in part by the quality of the experience a buyer has prior to making contact with potential solution providers. Organizations that understand the new buyer journey and leverage the appropriate channels have a clear advantage over their competition.


The Alexander Group’s buyer journey framework (above) can be used as a guide within your organization. There are specific questions to consider in each of the six stages in order to gain perspective on consumer behavior and assess the digital influence on a buyer as they progress through their journey. Once armed with this knowledge, you are in a position to plan strategic investments into the channels that resonate most with your target audience.

Understanding the buyer journey is the first critical action in digitizing the revenue growth model. This action ensures that investments will be allocated to the highest impact solutions across marketing, sales and service.

To explore this action in more detail, download the whitepaper Digitizing the Revenue Growth Model Volume I.

Learn more about how Alexander Group solves issues around Digital Transformation. Get more resources and insights on how to increase profitability and seller productivity by digitizing revenue growth.

Read Part 2 and Part 3 of this series.

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