What Commercial Leaders Should Expect in 2022

Above trendline growth rates are expected for 2022.

2021 saw the average healthcare organization grow by 15% and 2022 is predicted to be another above-average year for the industry with expected high single-digit or even low double-digit growth rates. With all this upside, what headwinds should commercial leaders be looking out for in the new year?

Recently, Alexander Group’s Healthcare practice leaders, Craig Ackerman and Doug Beveridge sat down to discuss the top trends that emerged in 2021 and what commercial leaders should expect in 2022.

In this video, they discuss the top issues facing the industry such as the supply chain disruption, the rising cost of raw materials and freight, and, of course, turnover. They also explore the investment priorities all commercial leaders should be making to maximize growth next year. We will give you a hint, it’s digital.

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