Optimizing Go-to-Market with Sales Transformation Strategies

New Market Forces and Priorities Challenge Existing Go-to-Market Models

How do you create a go-to-market (GTM) strategy that consistently exceeds the market growth rate? Leaders across industries now focus on optimizing their commercial models with new pathways for growth and targeted investments. However, without a proven blueprint that paves the way for transformation, it remains difficult to stay competitive.

Today’s leaders are meeting market forces head-on that impact business momentum, including:

  • The desire for sustained double-digit growth
  • Continued M&A activity
  • Supply chain challenges and innovations
  • Increasing inflation
  • Talent and labor market pressures

These forces impact the sales organization, requiring companies to evolve their GTM strategies as companies find it increasingly difficult to balance revenue, growth and profit. This balancing act requires a customized approach and re-thinking how the organization “sells;” one that reflects your stage of growth, industry and target market.

Successful companies incorporate these market forces into their GTM model by adopting new priorities that focus on customer centricity, digital momentum, margin discipline, goal and incentive alignment, and talent management. As companies focus on enterprise-wide alignment, they are finding that their revenue models and sales efforts often require not just an update, but a complete overhaul.

However, over half of sales transformation projects fail.

Without a proven approach to sales transformation, it is difficult to respond to new market forces, revised company priorities, and revenue segment changes. Investing in the right resources that improve sales transformation success rates has never been more critical.

RGM Blueprint: A Proven Sales Transformation Model

The Revenue Growth Model™ (RGM) blueprint is a proven model backed by rigorous analysis, proprietary Alexander Group benchmarks and proven expertise. Companies now understand that to transform Sales, they need the right mix of resources to rapidly locate operational gaps and use the right market levers to unlock new potential.

Sales transformation is not a one-time project, but an ongoing discipline. The RGM blueprint helps companies instill new habits to harness the power of data, industry expertise and quick-to-market results that transform Sales operations through:

Data-driven Sales Transformation. Companies can no longer guess what steps to take but must leverage the valuable data available to them. Using proprietary Alexander Group benchmarks, quantitative analysis, and industry insights, clients can now identify GTM opportunities that are specific to their company’s market position and business goals.

Sales Transformation on Your Timeline. Timing is critical. The RGM methodology develops a business case specific to your company, identifying growth opportunities, gaps, resources and timelines that create rapid change in weeks, not months.

Prioritized Activities and Sequences. It is not only important to know what to do, but when to do it. The RGM model and Alexander Group experts prioritize the right initiatives to take for the fastest results, placing steps in the right order to reach your goals.

Achievable, Execution-Ready Steps. Successful sales transformation requires flawless execution. RGM provides practical, specific actions your organization needs to take to realize high-impact solutions that truly transform your Sales organization and optimize your GTM model.

Team Engagement. Transformation does not happen in a vacuum but requires commitment and ongoing collaboration. The RGM blueprint promotes team engagement so you can focus on what is possible and achievable. We help companies bring together Sales, Marketing, Service and related departments to ensure continued engagement, equipping your teams for sustainable success.

Transforming Sales Strategies with the RGM Blueprint

Alexander Group provides the expertise, guidance and capacity to put innovative ideas into practice, making sales transformation a reality. The RGM blueprint provides the foundation for change, yet adapts to specific sales transformation goals that include:

  • Aligning existing accounts to new market segments
  • Differentiating value messaging and sellers’ playbooks
  • Creating new job roles and resource assignments
  • Designing sales compensation plans that align incentives and roles
  • Defining IT requirements for digital enablement

Successful companies revise their GTM models, transforming their sales strategies and opening greater paths to growth with targeted investments. Adopting the proven RGM blueprint, supported by Alexander Group expertise, helps companies expand their valuation and respond quickly to market changes.

The RGM Blueprint for Success

The path to success starts today. Contact us for more information on how Alexander Group can establish a customized blueprint for your sales transformation.

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