Alexander Group’s PE Go-to-Market (GTM) Insiders Council provides an outlet for PE leaders to discuss contemporary issues and key imperatives for portcos. The Council will provide research-based guidance to leverage go-to-market growth drivers for valuation improvement.

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  • Engage with other PE leaders and expand your network

PE GTM Insiders Council Sessions

Private Equity Virtual Roundtable
Commercial Value Creation Breakthroughs for 2022
July 13, 2022 | 10-11:30AM ET

Given today’s high deal prices, commercial optimization is a crucial value creation lever for PE. PE firms are increasingly using diligence to scope and even underwrite commercial improvements They are also realizing that scaling revenue productivity by the end of year one requires aligning commercial “motions” in the first 100 days. Unfortunately, many portfolio companies continue to rely on legacy commercial motions that inhibit growth. How can PE firms build an early management consensus for commercial improvement?

Join PE deal and operating partners for Alexander Group’s virtual roundtable, Commercial Value Creation Breakthroughs for 2022. This session will provide best practices on how to:

  1. Help your portfolio companies prioritize the right commercial model levers for growth
  2. Present the growth impact of the levers to create immediate buy-in

We will also provide insights on the key metrics to drive visibility and accountability.

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