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Helping your sales organization succeed in the rapidly changing media industry

Spin-offs and consolidation continue to dominate media headlines, and pure-play digital media companies are leading the growth curve.

The pace of change requires expanded solution-selling capabilities across wider product portfolios to meet the needs of clients looking for greater ROI from advertising spend.

Integrated broadcast, integrated print, pure-play digital and ad-tech media sales leaders have an immediate opportunity to capitalize on rapid industry changes. But the clock is ticking. Speed and accuracy are important. You need a go-to-customer strategy which matches your growth phase, yet meets the page of change and delivers real-time impact.

Media companies need to:

  • Stay ahead of the digital curve by designing an agile, ready to implement go-to-customer strategy
  • Leverage the full portfolio of products across your solution portfolio to increase wallet share with advertisers
  • Maximize the investments you make in creating your revenue generation engine through resource optimization
  • Align sales compensation to the fast evolving strategy of the multi-product solution selling environment
  • Enable this change by deploying the right tools and technology to help support the digital growth strategies for successful execution

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Integrated Broadcast

Companies need to accommodate the shift to mobile content consumption via apps and video.
As traditional cable package purchases decline and paid entertainment sites gain in popularity, publishers seek to reach buyers with mobile optimized content and monetize social media platforms. Given the limited number of players in the segment, sales leaders need to simultaneously focus on sales renewals with current accounts AND increased revenue growth through new channels. This requires innovative compensation plans and portfolio sales models.

Integrated Print

Publishers need to compensate for lost print advertising revenue and build new sales capabilities for content-rich solutions as content consumption shifts to digital.
Advertisers demand small audience sub-segment targeting, so creation and distribution must change to capture more consumer information. Internally produced, high-quality content can be sold at a premium and distributed through partner ecosystems. This gated content yields more audience data, which enables targeted ad opportunities. Companies then need to ensure their sellers gain the appropriate skills to effectively position these specialized digital ad solutions.

Pure-Play Digital

Ad revenue for pure-play digital companies grew 1,180% from 2013 to 2015. Mobile video is the key focus area for incremental growth.
Traditional website banner ads are being replaced by more valuable digital ads such as custom content and video advertisements, but readiness lags behind awareness. Sellers are challenged to communicate the value of an entire solution portfolio with an increasing number of ad products. Specialists are needed to position and differentiate these new mobile products, which increases the cost of sales.


As advertisers continue to prefer “audience-buying”, ad-tech companies need to develop better algorithms in order to target audiences across multiple devices/platforms.
The ad-tech segment is highly competitive and over-saturated with similar product offerings. There will continue to be a lot of consolidation as big media companies seek to acquire technology and offer programmatic advertising. In the face of fraudulent delivery claims, it is imperative to prove eyeball numbers. To compete, ad-tech companies need to offer effective software and services. Sales motions need to adapt in order for the sales organization to effectively execute more complex sales.

How we help media companies

Cross industry ability: Alexander Group works across the entire spectrum of media companies – from start-ups that need to scale early growth through to established brands that need to transform their revenue models. These require completely different knowledge and very different skill sets – we know the difference. We will help you target the issues that will have the greatest impact on your business results.

Real-time response for high-intensity situations: Alexander Group’s media team gets that the velocity of decision making in the media industry is real-time, every single day. We’ve perfected the art of meeting the daily needs of disparate decision makers while simultaneously getting prepared for the next day’s situation. The ability to think critically and be agile in our approach during high-intensity situations has helped us accomplish in weeks what could potentially take months or years to implement.

Accelerated Results: Alexander Group’s combined knowledge of the media industry and the inner workings of best in class sales organizations adds up to deep and broad capabilities to transform sales organizations across multiple sub-segments. Our highly analytical approach and expansive set of benchmarks from our proprietary database and past project experience provide decision assurance and support our recommendations. And throughout our client engagements, we maintain focus on implementation and change adoption and help you get things done. Rapidly and effectively.

Whitepaper: Read how sales compensation is changing among integrated print media companies.

Our commitment to results on every media client engagement will help you and your team align your resources to meet your unique industry challenges and unlock revenue growth. Today.

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