Industry Focus: Media Sales

Helping your sales organization succeed in the rapidly changing media industry

Digital media’s continued rise demands the attention and understanding of media sales leaders in order to drive value-based sales strategies.

Media sales leaders face an immediate opportunity to capitalize on the rapid changes in the media industry. But the clock is ticking. Speed and accuracy are important. You need a sales strategy that takes advantage of the rapid changes in your industry.

Digital media continues to experience double digit growth. Traditional media, including television, cinema and outdoor, expects modest growth while print is in decline. The role of the sales force must rapidly shift to focus on opportunities for revenue growth.

Case Study: Read how a media company in transition needed a new sales compensation program to balance competing demands and drive a true customer-centric approach.

Revenue focused media executives must answer the following questions:

  • How should I introduce new products?
  • How do sales roles need to change?
  • Do I need separate sales forces by customer type?
  • How should I utilize strategic account reps, specialists and inside sales?
  • What level of productivity should I expect from my sales force?
  • How big a sales force is needed, and how should I best deploy reps?
  • How do I incent collaboration and client-centric sales results?

To succeed, you have to incorporate an agile coverage model with clearly defined roles and process, supported by the right goals and incentives. The Alexander Group helps media and advertising companies adapt their sales organizations to address the rapidly shifting market environment.

Whitepaper: Read how sales compensation is changing among integrated print media companies.

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