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Request a briefing of Private Equity Insiders Council sessions including recent findings and insights from Alexander Group’s ongoing research.

Topic 1:

Executing Effective Change Management for Your VCP

The phrase, “change is the only constant,” resonates with PE deal and operating partners. To build a profitable value creation plan (VCP) is one thing. Getting portfolio company operators to adopt and implement the necessary changes is another, and also frequently noted as a major obstacle to generating a strong exit. What are the key factors that go into developing a change management program that delivers the full impact of the go-to-market plan?

Explore the steps to manage change with leadership teams that may be experiencing it for the first time. What is the most effective way to invest in and involve those individuals who will be critical to change adoption at the onset; consistently communicating the purpose and expected outcomes; setting up a training program to ensure all levels, leadership through frontline, understand the new operating model and how it impacts them; and setting goals and monitoring performance to ensure stakeholders and users are properly directed and motivated.

Topic 2:

Commercial Value Creation Breakthroughs

Given today’s high deal prices, commercial optimization is a crucial value-creation lever for PE. How can PE firms build an early management consensus for commercial improvement?

Learn best practices on how to:

  • Help your portfolio companies prioritize the right commercial model levers for growth
  • Present the growth impact of the levers to create immediate buy-in

Includes insights on the key metrics to drive visibility and accountability.

Topic 3:

Commercial Diligence: Underwriting Growth

The prospect of accelerated top-line growth continues to drive valuations. During diligence, deal and operating teams are faced with evaluating the likelihood that these growth prospects come to life. They are challenged with scoping the go-to-market (GTM) investments needed to activate the growth story.

This session shared case examples where Alexander Group evaluated a target’s readiness to absorb GTM investment and deliver the expected return.

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