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Topic: Sizing the Prize and Setting Sales Quotas

Focusing on opportunity modeling is an excellent entry point for sales optimization designs. Discover the four growth levers for opportunity modeling and how sales quota allocation cascades corporate objectives to the individual sales reps based on market and territory opportunities:

  • Creates a common strategy
  • Links sales to business plan
  • Generates dialogue between sales managers and sales people
  • Motivates sellers
  • Differentiates between high and low performers


Topic: Channel Partner Integration

To offer your customers a complete solution, find a win-win for both your company and your partners. Discover the four-step partner program framework process, common themes and accountabilities to drive revenue success.

  • Buyer journey: program changes to align with increasingly complex sales cycles
  • Manufacturers: Segmenting partners to fit within omni-channel approach
  • Distributors: Maximizing benefits from suppliers by delivering mutually beneficial outcomes
  • Roles and Responsibilities: Assigning ownership of customer success and driving loyalty and collaboration within partnerships
  • New Techniques: Rewards and enablement in addition to pricing and discounts; growth vs. market share programs
  • Account Strategies: Co-developing winning account strategies to drive revenue success


Topic: Sales Compensation

Nearly all industry leaders want to drive more alignment between seller pay and performance. Manufacturers and Distributors are changing sales compensation measures and mechanics to focus more on growth. Executives weighed in on the critical success factors for effective sales compensation plans.

  • Reviewed annually and aligned to behaviors and strategy
  • Considered along with other management, talent and retention tools
  • Simplified by designing one unique plan for each unique job
  • Easily understood and tracked by seller
  • Centrally administered
  • Only half of the equation – don’t forget quotas!


Topic: Solving the Complexities of a Solution-Selling Model

The highest-performing manufacturers and distributors are instilling a culture of collaboration between marketing, sales and service team members to build solutions with expanded upsell and cross-sell opportunities identified throughout the buyer journey.

To better understand how executives are managing this cross-functional cultural disruption and the acceleration of solution selling-driven technical advancements, such as IoT and selling “X” as a Service, the following key points were discussed:

  • How is the buying perspective changing?
  • What are the changes in customer-facing roles and how do we now compensate them?
  • How do you instill a culture of team collaboration?


Topic: The Rise of the CRO Culture

94% of B2B sales involve digital interaction in which customers self-educate on your product before talking to your sales reps. Managing these new buyer journey dynamics is becoming “mission-critical” to avoid quickly losing customers and share. Leaders are realizing the need to coordinate their marketing, sales and service silos under one owner – the Chief Revenue Officer.

Key discussion points included:

  • Responding to (and shaping) changes in the buyer journey
  • Redesigning the organization to be customer-focused
  • Increasing collaboration across marketing, sales and service
  • Taking on CRO leadership responsibilities
  • Establishing new pre- and post-sales roles
  • Transitioning to solution selling
  • Driving global integration and synergy
  • Organizing and managing a smooth change adoption process



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