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Market-leading healthcare firms are using this unprecedented period to pivot to more agile commercial models; one that embraces collaboration, customer success and virtual customer engagement.  Industry players are improving operational efficiency and building a stronger core to serve key accounts while continuing to deliver value focused on improving patient outcomes.

Alexander Group helps companies build agile commercial organizations to navigate the current disruption while considering long-term implications.


Alexander Group can help companies:


Build New Virtual Engagement and Digital Sales Channels: Virtual selling is the new norm. Align your sales teams to better engage customers virtually. Virtual engagement needs to consider all customer interaction including lead generation programs, virtual selling roles, and post-sale adoption programs.
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Focus On Winning Key Accounts: Key accounts offer some of the best access to growth opportunities. Staying engaged with current accounts is imperative as market leaders recognize that new problems spawn new solutions, bonding customers to vendors for the long-term using a solution-driven approach.
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Align Sales Compensation: As planning cycles shorten to address rapidly evolving trends, sales compensation plans need to evolve and create alignment with the strategic intent of new agile commercial models.
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Develop a Customer Success Mindset: When companies become customer-centric, especially for key accounts, they switch from a profit motive to a customer value focus, which ultimately drives long term growth.
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Engage Industry Peers: Now more than ever, learn from and gain insights from a community of your industry peers. Virtual roundtables, symposiums and forums provide a platform to exchange actionable ideas and best practices for navigating today’s market.
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Access Actionable Research and Benchmarks: The market is constantly changing. Industry leaders need current and relevant data, trends, benchmarks and even voice of customer research to help guide their sales, marketing and operational decisions.
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Whitepaper Healthcare: Revenue Growth In A Digitized World

Digital capabilities have altered the healthcare ecosystem and created a new buyer journey. Discover future growth strategies and readiness to adapt to the new marketplace.

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Case Study

Sales Compensation Assessment and Design to Support Shift in Sales Force

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Case Study

Talent and Enablement Upgrades Lead to Better Sales Execution

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Case Study

Diagnostic Company Builds Strategic Account Management Program

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