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Open Opportunities:

Digital Go-To-Customer Study

Uncover the industry trends, insights and frameworks on the digital impact on revenue growth, as well as recommendations for increased sales performance and growth in a digital environment.
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Go-to-Customer Healthcare Study

Discover the latest trends and gain insights into how the healthcare market will evolve.
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Health Tech Commercial Study

See how your organization stacks up to competitors against metrics such as revenue per seller, cost per seller, headcount ratios and more!
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Sales Compensation Trends Survey

Get the 2020 facts: sales compensation budgets, pay levels, staffing, quotas and more. Now in its 18th year, leading companies continue to rely on this free survey to help evaluate their sales compensation practices. Learn what others are doing!
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Sales Pulse Survey

Gain insights for 2020 with key cross-industry leadership insights on 2019 actuals and 2020 sales/revenue growth plans and strategies!
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Briefing Offers:

Healthcare Sales Pulse Survey Briefing

Gain a competitive edge with 2019 Fortune 1000 revenue, sales and sales ops leader projections and plans in the healthcare industry.
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Healthcare Virtual Roundtable Sessions

Learn the insights and best practices senior healthcare executives shared in part one of Alexander Group’s 2019 spring roundtable series: Evolving Go-to-Customer Strategy in the Ever-Changing Healthcare Ecosystem.
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Video Series How are healthcare commercial leaders adapting to market trends and what steps are they taking to drive commercial success? WATCH VIDEOS