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Healthcare Industry Trends Study

As a healthcare leader, how can you meet the needs of the rapidly changing buyer journey in 2021? Compare your business processes and performance metrics to that of your competition! Set the rules for winning by joining Alexander Group’s Healthcare Industry Trends Research.
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Marketing Insights Study

Over 150 marketing executives were interviewed to determine the marketing initiatives being prioritized to maximize customer lifetime value. From marketing roles and resource allocation to marketing mix, channels and spend, get the latest insights on where marketing leaders are investing to advance their organization’s marketing maturity.
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Sales Compensation Trends Survey

Participate to gain insights on market disruptions, pay compression, severance payments, FLSA status and pay disclosure. Special section on sales comp changes planned for the account manager job.
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Sales Pulse Survey

2023 planning insights: Hear what other revenue leaders are predicting in terms of growth, priority initiatives and investments heading into the next year.
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Briefing Offers:

Digital Go-to-Customer Study Briefing

Discover the industry trends, insights and frameworks on the digital impact on revenue growth, as well as recommendations for increased sales performance and growth in a digital environment.
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Healthcare Bio-Pharma Field Rep Survey Findings

New companies and novel therapies are flooding the market. Biosimilars have become a more acceptable alternative as the price of original products increase. From supply chain disruption to decreased access to HCPs and decision makers, discover the significant market dynamics bio-pharma reps are navigating and the best practices to provide them with additional support.
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Healthcare Go-to-Market Model Transformation

As the healthcare market continues to evolve, go-to-market strategies must adapt accordingly. Discover the five key levers to advance your commercial model to drive greater productivity.
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Healthcare Hospital Providers Survey

Healthcare executives, physicians and surgeons were recently surveyed to determine their views on current industry trends and investments. From staffing and supply shortages to procedure volume and interaction preferences, discover what healthcare providers are prioritizing for the new year.
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Healthcare: Marketing Trends and Investment Priorities

Over 52% of healthcare leaders are investing more in marketing. Through the use of first-party data, organizations are doubling down on advancing segmentation and targeting practices and are repositioning marketing channel activities to better leverage valuable content that is relevant and useful to customers. Discover the leading initiatives healthcare executives are executing to better integrate marketing and sales through process automation and investing in the right tools.
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