Complimentary Executive Briefing

The Medical Device Go-to-Customer Study features data from more than 50 sales organizations and highlights the ways companies are adapting their go-to-customer models to capture revenue growth.


What’s in it for you?

Discover key trends, best practices and top sales investment strategies in the medical industry. Learn how growth-oriented companies are:

  • Employing more agile go-to-customer models
  • Deploying the right job roles
  • Responding to the 4 percent decrease in average gross margin
  • Compensating their sellers in a challenging talent acquisition and retention environment

Explore important investment trends in the medical industry including:

  • 15 percent increase in costs per seller
  • 10 percent decline in the average expense to revenue ratio due to rebound in revenue growth of 3 to 5 percent
  • 38 percent increase in nontraditional selling roles

Apply the findings within your own planning and go-to-customer initiatives.

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