Discover the sales compensation trends that are making the biggest impact

The world has changed. Life Sciences and Analytical Instruments companies have had to adapt their go-to-customer models in response to these new market realities. Management systems like sales compensation need to be aligned.

As you gear up for FY22 planning, Alexander Group’s Life Sciences Sales Compensation Trends and Benchmark Study will explore the leading and prevailing design practices companies are employing to reinforce growth strategy and job execution.

Compare your business processes and performance metrics to that of your competition! Join the Alexander Group’s study.

Key Research Focus – See how your organization compares to:

  • Sales compensation plan strategy and anticipated FY22 changes
  • Design components by job – pay mix, leverage, measures, mechanics, pay and performance periods, crediting rules, special incentives and others
  • Practices to drive strategic priorities such as attracting and retaining talent, early year-selling, margin expansion, cross-sell and others

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