Research Briefing

Commercial Practices to Drive Profitable Growth & Valuation

Economic downturn. Unpredictable markets.

These are just a few factors that are preventing manufacturing commercial leaders from determining and realizing revenue goals. How can organizations achieve differentiated growth, productivity and efficiency for profitable growth?

Alexander Group surveyed over 1000 companies covering 13 metrics categories including pricing, sales, marketing, customer service, innovation and more. Based on our client engagements and the recent survey, the following highlights were extracted:

  • Top commercial organizations align Marketing, Sales and Service to collaborate in a non-linear customer engagement model and achieve differentiated growth, productivity and efficiency.
  • High performers in manufacturing are monitoring the interconnections of marketing KPIs from reach to response and results to return
  • Manufacturing leaders have a 1.8x higher revenue per seller compared to peers
  • Top manufacturers are deriving revenue through diverse portfolios in services, software and Anything-as-a-Service (XaaS)

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