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Products No Longer “Sell Themselves”

Change is inevitable—except from a vending machine.” —Robert C Gallagher

New technology and streamlined operations models have historically been the key drivers for revenue growth in the automotive industry. As consumer and environmental demands are changing across the globe, automotive manufacturers are looking for innovative ways to gain and maintain a competitive advantage in a crowded market. The answer? Advancing the commercial model.

From managing complex channels to ensure value propositions are reaching consumers, to realigning sales compensation to focus on individual performance along with company goals, leading companies are investing in their commercial strategy to drive greater ROI. How can automotive manufacturers do the same?

Using our proprietary research and benchmarks that cover multiple segments within the automotive market, Alexander Group can help:

Automotive Segments:

  • OE
  • Aftermarket
  • Service Providers

Complimentary briefings on the latest Manufacturing & Distribution Industry Trends Research are now available, including a special focus on the automotive segment.

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