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The move from product-led to segment-led go-to-market strategy

Food & Beverage (F&B) manufacturers have historically placed efforts, and dollars, on marketing and branding tactics to stimulate end-user demand. The commercial organization―sales and merchandising―who take the lead on executing brand strategies and product placement have not typically received the same support and investment.

As customer preferences shift and new physical and digital channels become more popular, leading organizations within F&B are adjusting their go-to-market strategies to focus on where and when customers want to purchase and consume products versus the product itself. Are you realigning your sales and merchandising organization to ensure you stay ahead of the competition by reaching customers at the right point of their buyer journey?

Alexander Group can help.

Leveraging our client work, extensive research, metrics and benchmarks, Alexander Group helps F&B manufacturers:


What drivers are manufacturers and distributors investing in to prioritize customer segments, protect margin and maintain and grow market share?

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