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Healthcare: Five Principles of Effective Talent Management

Healthcare firms that invest in employee engagement programs achieve higher customer experience ratings. How are these best-in-class organizations crafting and executing a cohesive commercial talent management strategy?

Alexander Group recently surveyed 250+ commercial leaders in healthcare to gain their insights on the best practices for developing a talent management strategy that truly brings a competitive advantage.

The report, Five Principles for Effective Talent Management in Healthcare, is now available. Highlights include:

  • Digital health companies are the most advanced among healthcare cohorts in leading internal initiatives to improve employee experience.
  • Health & wellness firms take approximately 2x longer to fill generalist positions than digital health companies.
  • Companies that measure employee skills and competencies on a quarterly basis realize a ~20% reduction in employee attrition due to insufficient training.
  • Compensation is the #1 reason candidates accept hiring offers and is also the top reason employees resign; the dollar amount, however, is not the only component that matters.

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