Transform the customer-facing organization for growth

Research indicates revenue growth creates more shareholder value than cost-cutting, improving free cash flow or multiple expansion—combined. However, PE firms encounter multiple challenges when faced with the task of driving organic growth for portcos.





Dysfunctional Go-to-Market Strategy

Focusing on legacy buyers, inaccurate sales coverage, lack of role integration and misaligned compensation for revenue growth

Lack of Sales Process Evaluation

Little alignment to buyer needs, process confusion, resource chokepoints constrain and time wasted on low value activities

Insufficient Sales Metric Development & Monitoring

Wrong metrics, no dashboard process for accountability, inaccurate forecasting and no peer benchmarks to set targets and gauge progress

Ineffective Sales Leaders/Team Evaluations

Legacy talent missing key skills, customer relationships focus on management vs. solutions, weak culture and coaching and lack of sales transformation skills

Inability to Drive Revenue via Digital

Lack of buyer journey management, inadequate web/chat capabilities for new customers, confusion on web/rep compensation and limited customer value add

Portco Growth Support Program

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