Industry Focus: Cloud Sales

The cloud sales imperative: How to successfully sell cloud offerings

The technology industry faces the most disruptive change in decades as customers refocus on their core business and look to lower TCO. Cloud computing plays a key role.

However, whether it is application, infrastructure or platform as-a-service, selling cloud offerings requires a radically different sales model than traditional, on-premise software. Technology companies must adapt or risk obsolescence.

Pure-play cloud companies must figure out how to scale and mature profitably and most struggle with productivity-per-rep, sales crediting and compensation. Those with hybrid offerings must profitably transition to sell and deliver cloud solutions, and re-evaluate their entire go-to-market strategy, partner relationships, sales talent and customer care.

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Executives with revenue growth responsibilities should take a holistic approach to address these challenges. Where should you begin?

Here are four actions you can take to start the cloud sales journey:

  • Refine your segmentation and targeting models. Enhance your current models by including cloud sales factors such as customer lifetime value, churn and revenue leakage.
  • Re-evaluate your routes to market. Lower barriers to entry require RTMs that are fast, flexible and adaptable while cost effective.
  • Evolve your sales roles. Map your customer’s future-state buying process and address your role needs across the new customer contact continuum.
  • Utilize sales comp as a strategic lever. As your cloud sales strategy morphs over time, sales compensation and incentives can drive focus and balance on your cloud sales offerings.

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