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“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” ~ Milton Berle

Or maybe a digital customer portal…

Historically, the building materials industry has not undergone major adjustments to its go-to-market models. As customers shift to digital, however, demand for extended product catalogs, ease of ordering and quality of service are of utmost importance.

To manage the digital disruption, acquisitions are running high to acquire new products, e-commerce sites are evolving by adding customized customer portals and sales specialist roles are being added to provide the expertise and coverage needed to serve builders, contractors, architects and real estate investors. Are you ready to build opportunities by improving your go-to-market approach?

Alexander Group can help.

Our client work, extensive research, metrics and benchmarks back our solutions to help companies within the building materials industry keep up with changing customer demands.


Complimentary briefings on the latest Industry Trends impacting the building materials sector are now available.

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