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Technical Sales Necessitate New Specialized Roles

In the chemicals and specialty materials industry, manufacturers are shifting to new, innovative applications to drive value. However, this new trend brings the challenge of developing new specialized roles to effectively sell these technical solutions.

Whether implementing team selling with sales engineers, hiring new talent with specialized skills or a combination, bringing new products and services to market along with upselling and cross-selling products requires additional competencies and a change in sales compensation to align with revenue goals.

Using our proprietary research and benchmarks that cover multiple segments within chemicals and specialty materials, Alexander Group can help:

Chemical & Special Materials Segments:

  • Packaging
  • Adhesive Manufacturing
  • Inorganic Chemical Manufacturing
  • Chemical Product Manufacturing
  • Coated and Laminated Paper Manufacturing
  • Millwork
  • Mineral Product Manufacturing
  • Plastic & Resin Manufacturing
  • Miscellaneous Plastic Product Manufacturing

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